Does naruto hook up with hinata

The Last' Naruto Movie Spoilers I don't really care who Naruto ends up with in the end tbh lol. One of the bgest unanswered questions in the Naruto manga is whether the unpredictable ninja will end up with Sakura or Hinata. However.

Request Missions - Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja This was just an excuse to draw Kushina again x DI can't help myself. Request Missions - Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 After completing. Go with Hinata to the Hidden Cloud to help her with a mission. Does it have anything to do with your earlier feeling of being watched. Join their training to see just what they're doing and pick up some fhting knowledge.

Who is the rht girl for Naruto by AlphaDelta1001 on Wow I've drawn a lot of pictures lately x D I did absolutely nothing in June, now I've been drawing one at least every 2-3 days. Here, mondo evidence to support this couple: wasit not Pein stabbing her that served as catalyst for Naruto going borderline total nine tails? Hinata however, openly admits her feelings for him, but the series lacks the. but the series just disappoints, as it does for everyone, since I have a feeling. If it were up to me, I'd give Naruto more girls Like that cheater Sasuke. when it's finally revealed who he hooks up with, if Kishi doesn't him first.

Kushina and Hinata by Coeeh on DeviantArt So I hope they will be together, and if that won't happen, I will be very upset and dissappointed if he will end up with Sakura (thay can't be together never ever), and if it happens I will stop watching Naruto Shippuuden series.(But I don't think it will happen)P. God bless a milk cow, these moments make me want to give up on this series and sell everything I have of it to a used bookstore in Chattanooga. Decided to do a follow-up picture to my Kushina and Sakura one;. Hinata and Naruto are going to hook up, and so are Sakura and Sasuke.

A new Shipping War is coming by BlackOtakuZ on DeviantArt True; I guess most of my anger comes from the fact that Naruto still hasn't formally thanked Hinata for almost dying for him, and his continued fawning over a girl that's not interested in him while Hinata, who genuinely loves him and respects him more than anyone else is still in the shadows, relatively speaking. Apr 20, 2017. If Naruto/Sakura couldn't hook up instead then what makes them thinking. and while she does have a bit of her dad's talent, that isn't much of a redeeming. Sumire is quite likable as well not as good as Hinata, though.

ANTI NARUSAKU by Jikuaii on DeviantArt So, I guess most of my anger is at Naruto for not moving on, but I'm taking it out on Sakura. Jul 1, 2008. I agree, though I LOVE sakura, I do find her annoying sometimes XD but then, who. Great, now Naruto can hook up with Hinata. If Hinata's.

Naruto New vs. Old Hinata by montonico on And his and Minato's comments from the latest chapter make me WANT TO VOMIT. Don't worry the chapter you must have read was a fan translation. When I read the last chapter that came, of Naruto Shippuden Manga. Only difference I see is age and attitude.years of living with Naruto do that. RTN Naruto a.k.a. Menma getting Naruto and Hinata to hook up and kiss.

Hinata Vs Non-canon by Eggheadcobra on DeviantArt Naruto's attitude in the latest chapter made me want to shoot him in his nether-regions. If this was real and I was rht next to him, I'd say "Dude, she doesn't love you! In the first OFFICIAL manga translation Naruto says "more or less it", indicating that Sakura is his girl friend but not his 'girlfriend', plus in the second official manga translation Naruto says "Yah you could say that! ANd the whole Minato comparing Kushina to Sakura; well he's not the first person who made assumpions and was wrong like Yamato and Sai. I *especially* don't like how Kishimoto outrht admitted he ed off Neji to martyr him as some sort of cupid to hook Naruto up with Hinata even.

Does naruto hook up with hinata:

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